The Company History Company Founder and CEO has been involved in the business Since 2003 , Online Mareting Company has taken Malaysia’s Security & Automation industry by surprise, rejuvenating the market by providing extensive all-round Security & Automation products and services. It’s state-of-the-art technology and out-of-the-box forward thinking has elevate them as one of Malaysia’s Security & Automation system’s front runner, enabling them to expand their supply and install activities throughout Malaysia to meet the demands for better quality services. Our main products supply, installation & services include: • CCTV Surveillance System ( Wired / Wireless ) • Alarm Security System ( Wired / Wireless ) • Guard Tour & Tracker Real Time GPS System & GPS Tracker for Bus and Personal • Automatic Open / Close Gate Motor ( Sliding / Swing / Folding Type ) • Door Access Electric Lock System • Hotel Door Lock System and hotel Wifi • Finger Print System c/w Time Attendance Software • Intercom System • Key Phone System • Auto Door System • Barrier Gate System • Electrical Fencing System • Auto Pay System Markets and Served : What makes OnlineMarketing Company so, irresistible? Their confidence, assurance of providing quality security systems and most important of all, their extensive knowledge of understanding user’s requirements have molded them to what they are today. The boasting of their proudest system, digital Surveillance System is not of without reasons, and rightly so. With its centralized security data management, companies will be able to retrieve images and monitor the movements of different branches and remote areas in their Main Data Center. Also, the ability to integrate with existing video cameras allows a company to save up both physical and time cost. Company is committed to providing companies with a complete, complex security system that is simple to navigate and use, and it is the very reason why we stand tall and firm in the competitive market today. The relentless brainstorming of coming up with a complete security system, a second-to-none extensive understanding of security environments and needs, the commitment of bringing end users with the latest, most secure solutions. * We have over 20 years experience in providing professional, prompt and reliable auto gate repair and maintenance services. We specialize in sales, service and repair of all major brands of automated gate access systems and upgrades of existing equipment. Whether it’s a house, an apartment complex, an office or a factory, we can install an auto gate system to suit your specific needs. * We do not just supply Equipment, we supply a total auto gate solution! We listen carefully to our customer’s project’s requirement and budget allocation. Then we advise customer to help them select the most appropriate solution. We provide good auto gate solutions which are complete and is appropriate for the customer’s performance and budgetary needs. Let us provide you a total solution for all your Auto gate Installation Needs * Unparalleled Repair Service. We maintain complete stock of spare parts and have a dedicated repairing department. Components that are broken (beyond warranty) can be repaired at very reasonable rates. Our auto gate service is performed by experienced and trained auto gate technicians. We provide replacement remote control, motors, gears, control boards. Our technical team specialize only in auto gate technology & know how to for the past 15 over years. We concentrate our manpower in supply, design, repair & service about 25 to 30 over types of different branded auto gate system. Why Choose us ? Company director have been involved in this industry for more than 20 years. Company office showroom Is Bigger in Kuching City area, where by very convenient reach and access by customers. Company always provide updated wide range of best quality of imported security & automation products. Company always make sure our security and automation products and spare parts are stock ready for our customers to choose and purchase. Company only use own company well trained and qualified technicians to ensure that all the installation and maintenance works will be done in the professional way. • All new Security and automation products that installed by our technicians will covered under standard one-year limited warranty. • We only use our own company technicians to do our installation and servicing works, not subcontractor or freelance installer. By doing that, we can ensure that our customers can have quick response, support and services done by our own technicians in the future etc.

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